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Other companies in the Coastal Bend can't offer you what DLW Grading does.  The difference in our business and our workmanship comes from our people.  Our company is our family and our family is our company.  

Our Vision.


At DLW Grading, our vision is simple.  We operate to provide the best quality dirt work to our customer.  Whether you are the site owner, a general contractor, or just someone that needs a road worked, we will provide you with the best solution to accomplish the job. 



In this industry it is easy to find any company that will give you the lowest price to win the bid.  Our bid price is not always the lowest, but it is the lowest price to do the job right.  We will not intentionally do things wrong to save money.


Another industry normal is for a company to bid a low price and then submit numerous add on's to where the price is higher than the other bids were originally.  The bid you get from us is to do the job you want done the right way.  After seeing our workmanship, many customers ask us to do more work on their site.  When this happens we make a complete new bid for the additional work.

Company History.


DLW Grading is family owned and operated.  Dennis and India started the company back in 2014 after 20 years of working dirt for other companies.  They started with just a down payment on a Blade and did whatever small jobs they could find to pay the bills.  

It didn't take long for DLW Grading to make a name for themselves.  Their workmanship showed above the rest.  They were even brought in to fix poor workmanship done by their competition.  

They paid that blade off in less than a year.  As their business grew, they added more pieces of equipment.  And as the demands of their customers grew to needing surveying, India learned that in order to keep their costs low.  

In 2020 they brought their sons Billy and Kenny into the company and all four began plans to make DLW Grading a family owned an operated company for years to come.



Dennis Lee Walters - Dennis is the Chief Operating Officer and namesake for the company as well as the lead foreman on the sites.  He also does the job bids and pretty much anything else that needs to be done.  He is an experienced operator of every piece of dirt equipment known to man.  Dennis has been in dirt-work for over 40 years and learned everything there is to know about dirt and the equipment that moves it.  What sets DLW Grading aside from the rest is what can't be taught.  That is his integrity, honesty, and determination to operate the right way.  He will never allow these things to be compromised. 


India Walters - India is the President and owning agent of DLW Grading.  India has been working dirt since she and Dennis married over 25 years ago.  India handles the financials of the company including all receivables, and payables.  She also does the land surveying and operates equipment on the sites.  In addition to all that she schedules and monitors all materials for the jobs to ensure that the exact amount of material needed is used.  This keeps the costs of the jobs as low as possible.  


Kenny Fischer - Kenny came home and joined DLW Grading in 2020.  Kenny has a wealth of dirt experience as well as superior workmanship developed over 15 years of working for other companies.  He is operating as site supervisor and lead operator in addition to Dennis.  Kenny also has an integrity to his work that he won't allow to be compromised.  He is very skilled on every piece of equipment on the site as well as on the bid process and costing.  He has developed every skill needed to continue the DLW Grading business model.


Billy Fischer - Billy also joined DLW Grading in 2020.  Billy brings 20 years of finance and accounting experience in manufacturing including supply chain, payments, tax, financial statements, and risk management.  Through the years he has obtained his B.S. in Accounting and his MBA.  He is currently operating as financial and tax advisor under India.  

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